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Enabling a new generation of promising, diverse talent to massively scale-up the Israeli tech industry

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Why doesn’t the Israeli tech industry hire enough juniors from underrepresented populations, and how we plan to change this?

  • The PLACE-IL marketplace provides single-point access to a shared pool of vetted talent containing thousands of trained graduates from under-represented populations and dozens of training programs.
  • A great place for the Israeli training ecosystem to meet all tech companies

Growing number of talent training programs


  • Smart pre-screening process highlights talent from populations that often don’t pass standard screening.
  • Relevant vetted candidates are matched to relevant jobs in tech companies.

Natural screening bias

Smart pre-screening

  • The first Israeli cross-company internship program.
  • Real experience in a tech work.

No juniors in my backyard

Internship program

The key to the best hidden talent in israel

The Place-IL platform empowers Israeli tech companies to effectively hire new talent from underrepresented populations at scale with minimal risk.

One-stop-shop for Israeli tech company to reach, screen, and hire talent from underrepresented groups.

The Israeli tech community works together to cultivate the biggest talent opportunity of our time. Israeli tech supports the non-profit ecosystem to train new talent to meet sector needs.

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