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Vetting Process

We want to ensure you get the most suitable candidate for your needs. How do we do that?

Place-IL’s assessment process was built to facilitate Tech companies in vetting diverse candidates while maintaining the high standards of the Tech industry. Our partners, international highly technological tech companies, are integral to doing so.
Through brainstorming with tech leads and HR professionals of dozens of tech companies, we started by building Place-IL’s power skills profile. These ~9 traits, which were agreed upon across tech companies, are the basis of our power skills assessment.

To that, we added to the top of notch Coding professionals to build our code exam on the platform of the Israeli start-up @Canditech

How do we assess diverse populations in a culture sensitive yet valid way?

Firstly, we build assessment tasks that are as close to their actual work as possible.
As little as possible, assessment is based on tools found in studies to discriminate against diverse populations.

The assessment usually starts with a technological work sample, after which a design review meeting occurs. Our evaluators are volunteers from the industry, technologists with over three years of coding experience, so that, in fact – the industry chooses the candidates for itself.

All evaluators are trained by an occupational psychologist and a technological expert in evaluating young people from diverse populations.
Although all our graduates have technological degrees (computer science, information systems engineering, electrical engineering and software engineering), only those who passed our technical exam are invited to face-to-face assessment days.

The F2F assessment days consist of various technological and interpersonal tasks that we build to test those essential qualities in the industry. Our personnel assessment method – using a multitude of tools and a multitude of evaluators has been found in studies to be the most valid for predicting success at work.

Our assessors here are psychologists with experience in occupational assessment and technologists. Throughout the day, the candidates meet evaluators from their own cultures to create a comfortable environment for them to express themselves.

Finaly, even candidates who did not pass get a golden opportunity to experience a strict selection process in a high-tech environment and receive feedback from us with points for improvement and retention.
Thus, we broadly expose a population to the requirements, the interviews and how to integrate into the industry.

Above all – You get a highly motivated, already vetted to the highest standards, Fresh out of college developer from underrepresented population groups. What a great addition to your always- in-the-need-for-novelty-and-change team that could be.

March 26, 2023

Merav Pirak

Merav Pirak | Certified I/O psychologist

Head of Evaluation Strategy at Place-IL