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Who we are

Place-IL bridges
the gap in Israeli

They empower companies to hire high-potential talent from underrepresented groups, unlocking opportunities for all.

The ITIF initiative seeks to
rejuvenate the West Negev
post-war with Israeli tech

Who we are

The place-IL platform is a holistic solution

a central hub for Israeli tech companies to recruit diverse talent effectively, and it fits the sector's needs.

The Place-IL revolutionizes
talent acquisition by providing
single-point access to a pool of
vetted talent.


marketplace offering access to a vetted pool of talented from underrepresented groups and various training programs.

Smart pre-screening

pre-screening process identifies talent, ensuring that qualified candidates are matched with suitable tech jobs.

Internship program

The first Israeli cross-company internship program providing actual experience in tech work.

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Become a Place-IL
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Use your skils for a
noble cause and place
yourself with us.


Seeking your first position
in the tech industry - this is
your place.


Let's work together to promote
underrepresented groups
and give them an entry ticket
into the tech industry.

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