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Internship for Junior Developers

Jump-start your career at leading tech companies

Start your internship in November 2022

3-6 month paid internship

hybrid model

Practical experience
& mentorship

Once in a lifetime opportunity -

Practical, valuable experience at leading high-tech companies


Our vision is to empower a new generation of promising and diverse talent that will propel the Israeli tech industry to massively scale-up. In line with this vision, we have created a platform that will allow your true potential to shine through (no cultural bias!), leading you to your next professional step. 

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Application Process

* Following the application, some may be invited to a short code review

**Only some applicants will be invited to the assessment day

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The current internship program is for the Arab population. In the future, we will open more programs for additional populations. In addition, participants must have a relevant degree (Computer Science/Software Engineering or Mathematics/Electrical Engineering + a Fullstack Bootcamp).

No. if you are an Electrical Engineering/ Mathematics graduate, you must also have completed a Full Stack Bootcamp.

Yes, you will receive a full-time salary (entry-level conditions).

We work with many companies, including Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Armis, Mend (formerly known as Whitesource), Axonious, Riskified, Fireblocks. Most companies are in the Tel Aviv area and work in a hybrid model.

No, Place-IL will place you at the company that fits you best.

3-6 months. Upon completion of the internship, participants may receive a job offer from the company or pursue further internship opportunities.

No, but if you succeed in your internship project and adjust well to the internship company, you have a high chance of receiving a job offer from the internship company at the end of the internship period.

Currently, the program is only for those with a relevant first degree.

Upon completion of the first internship, participants may receive a job offer from the company or pursue further internship opportunities (limited to three internships).

First of all, you are not alone. It happens, and we are always here for you! Contact the organization that registered you for the program or us, and we’ll be happy to talk.

Of course! The internship program and the project you work on during the internship are an important addition to your CV, LinkedIn, Github, and more.

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